5 Ways To Have The Best Family Vacation Ever (or maybe just survive one, because you're anti social like me)

So recently my family and I had a vacation. There wasn't just me--it included extended family like cousins, aunts and uncles too. A huge family is crazy, and family gatherings with everyone can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you've got crazy cousins as well as nieces.But you're stuck with them, so you might as well make he best of your time, right? Here are my top 5 tips on surviving and making the most of a family get together, vacation, dinner--whatever.

1. Put On a Good Face
It absolutely sucks when you're forced to met up with cousins an uncles and aunts that you don't like,especially when your parents threaten to take away your phone or laptop. So instead of moping about it and making yourself look bad in front of your family, and then getting grounded and scolded by your parents, put on a brave face. Smile as you meet all those uncles and aunties and cousins, and if you can, try to make small talk. It helps so much when you finally find something similar to talk about--it could be a passion like art, or writing, or reading, even. Recently I started talking to my cousin, whom I haven't spoken to in a long long time, and I thought it would be so awkward, but because we found out that we all really like certain things--things being books and books being Harry Potter--and tat we all love Dan and Phil (on youtube), we've developed a great relationship. This relationship of goodwill with my cousins had resulted in them sending me some lovely gifts, and me sending them stuff too. Plus--new friends! Yay!

2. Try
If you're parents re the ones hosting this get together or party, they must both be under a lot of stress--family is love and acceptance, but sometimes judgmental and unforgiving too. Especially that one auntie who's always on the lookout for little things to criticize. in such situations, your parents are more than likely to punish you for even the smallest of mistakes--they could scold you or take away your phone, among other things. So, to avoid that, try getting away from whatever has got you on your phone or laptop, and help your parents. Small things-- set the dining table, put the dishes out, make something to drink for your guests.

3. Make us of your phone;
Snap chat filters-hello! Take a bunch of pictures with all the crazy-cool snapchat filters and save them onto your phone. Alot of the elders probably won't know about snapchat, so this experience might be fun. It definitely was for me. i did the bread/blushing filter on my cousin, and then put on a flower sicker on one side of his head to make him look like a girl. the dog filter, the at one--there are so many and bringing them out and taking a selfie with your uncles and aunts can make for some great bonding time!

4. Dress up!
I love to dress up, but only hen I'm really in the mood. hat better time to dress up than when your ADORING family visits? that way, you'll have tons of compliments from your aunts, haha! this is a real confidence booster, to be honest, though.

5. Games!
No, I don't mean that one game you play on your phone. Maybe team player video games on your x-box, or Wii? I love classical board games. Whip out Monopoly, or chess, or that snake ladder game, or--this one is my favorite--Luddo. Getting together with family, dividing into teams and diving headfirst into a board game over snacks is actually a fun time, and for me, gives me a little flashback of the times when I did the same with my cousins as a small child.

Family are the people who you can never choose, they're he ones whom you share your blood with, the one whom you ere born into, the people, chosen, in a way, for you. They are your own, and although sometimes they are exasperating, annoying, irritating, they will still be your own, and the moments that you spend with them won't come back, so just make the best of the time together that you already have!