Real Life--I Feel Happy

These past few months have been hectic. Exhausting, anxiety filled and lots and lots of work and exam stuff going on. I have an exam the day after tomorrow too. But whatever.
So, Aimee here on her blog has done something really cool where she’s updated us on her life with some cool words, and I have been heavily inspired. So I’m doing a lil’ life update thingy too.

I moved. From a screaming, life-filled, loud and messy urban monster into a neat, white-picket fence, everyone owns expensive cars, clean cut area where there are lawns with trimmed flowers and everyone has dogs and (I am terrified of dogs) and a fancy lil’ neighborhood in a fancy lil’ suburban division, far from where I used to be. And I was nervous. I’ve been anticipating this move for months, and finally we’re here and it’s so much better than what I’d imagined. I was so stressed, but people are nice and there are kids and there’s nature and the lack of noise isn’t actually driving me crazy, it’s fantastic and makes my mind less cluttered and so my life is less cluttered.
There are long drives to school, about an hour or so of travelling to and then an hour or so travelling back and it’s nice, watching the cars go by as I sit in my own, stat-icky radio fuzzing the silence and my father beside me, silent companions after the longest separation
Family stuff is happening. For the first time in my life, there is a sense of returning normalcy. The other day we had a dinner to go to, and our path cut across/through a hilly sort of area, and the city lights  far below are the most beautiful thing ever, and my dad’s playing classical song s from another time and the airs saturated with quiet content,  and my brother is sitting next to me and my mom is in the front seat, and it’s quiet, but it’s good quiet, it’s happy quiet, because I—we, had never thought we’d have this, this togetherness, no country boundaries separating us, being a proper family for once. But we do have it. We do. Finally.

We’re finally a family again after years of separation and I couldn’t be happier.  

a few months ago we suffered a huge blow as aa family, and it felt like my world was going to shatter. But now things are getting better, much better, Thank God, and there's this hope, in my parents' eyes, in my own heart. We're getting better. Day by day.We'll get there.                       

And I’m learning about myself too, a lot. I’m learning that to maintain relationships, you have to let some things go. Friends are nice, and trusting, and maybe I shouldn’t scream so much.
I can survive without the internet which is great too. 

There are bus drives and I’m learning to be comfortable in my own skin, I’m learning my city inside out, I’m finding it easier to not be hurt and aching all the time.  It’s tough, and school is kind of mean, but it’s good folks.

how's life for y'all?

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