the desire to write...and not being able to ( a very whiny post) today i'm going to be sharing a little something about myself, and also not write the capital letters, because #aesthetic.
i am so extremely lazy with my writing i should be in a movie, or a psa announcement as an example of what happens when you don't work hard enough as a writer. i will think up so, so many infinite things to write about in my head, and when it comes to jotting it down on paper... i just, i don't know man. it's like the energy and all that was excited about writing has left me. or sometimes, it's still there, that enthusiasm and willingness, but it's hidden so much beneath the wall of grayness,  that i skip out on it.

the struggle is real

also: my time management skills are not the greatest, i'll admit. i barely get enough sleep, power through school like how what (most of the time during classes i am absolutely lost) and even at home i have such difficulty completing the most mundane of homework tasks that it's ridiculous.
me. all day. every day.

but i'm trying though. i really am. even if its just fifteen minutes less of fun-laptop-time or getting scolded by my mother because i asked her to check my schedule and actions, i do try to improve my plan for daily activities. i haven't gotten proper time out to write the way i want to in weeks, but i've realized that that time needs to be taken out. it won't just come up to me by itself.
but obviously, schoolwork, homework, and family time comes first. so i'll still try to procrastinate less and see where it takes me, and talk to you later.

question: do you ever find it difficult to get out creative writing time? do you have any tips that can help me stay focused? 

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