Wishful Thinking

Do you ever catch yourself drifting off into your thoughts? Perhaps just thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner, or maybe something more fanciful or bashful? Perhaps you imagine yourself on a relaxing cruise or having a dinner at a five star hotel which you can’t possibly afford? Or maybe off on an inter-dimensional mission to save the world?
Over the past few days, with being stuck at home with nothing much to do and the sweltering heat making it impossible for me to go out, I’ve been enjoying myself far away in dreamland. “khayali pulao” a desi version to what I am doing, or wishful thinking. I can’t help it. I imagine myself in a hip apartment in London or New York, the city bustling and alive around me, rushing off on my scooty to go to work, having a flat-mate and going around the city, attending concerts…basically anything that is different and unique and fun, and can take me away from the reality that is my life at this very moment.
Wishful thinking has me thinking (pun intended) that perhaps I should work to make all of this—my dreams, my hopes and desires, into a reality. Although I am a big believer in destiny (call me a romantic, crazy person), I also strongly believe that hard work and effort can result in what you want. So why not give it a go? Aim for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars…or something like it, right?

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