A look at some of the things I love

here's another life update for y'all, because they're just so interesting.
school's out, it's over, I'm free. except not really. i miss my friends, i miss the daily chatter, the fun, i miss that hiking trip we went to months ago and i miss the comfort that stuff offered me.
but now it's time to pull on my Big Girl Pants, and get stuff done.
Like this blog post.

-so, number one on one of the things that I love is this picture of a REAL tree that I took when we went hiking, it was incredibly funny yet sad.

-next is this picture that I asked my baby niece to make of this little teddy bear of hers, honestly it is precious

-some more nature from the hiking trip.

-this kitty that roams our neighborhood. she now has two baby kittens and she's very needy, and loves cuddles. her babies tend to run away when you go near them. it's all good and lovely.
apparently I can't get enough of nature, so here's another stunning picture of a tree, this beautiful one from my family's village. it's stunning and gorgeous and has that old-school vibe that's just so rustic, and ugh.
I'm feeling all the nostalgia right now, guys, if you hadn't noticed. It's been a tough few months, and I find myself escaping through thoughts of the past and future, and nostalgia and old memories just hit me.
like a punch in the face.
more in the heart but, you know.

What are your summer plans, what stuff do you miss right now? Do you find yourself lost in your thoughts more often than you'd like? 
lemme know, y'all.

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