summer fashion wishlist // things i can't afford

so, sUMMER.
fashion. flowy skirts, flowy sleeves, revealed shoulders, bell bottoms and all that, basically sums up the trends I've been seeing in fast fashion these days. And since I am tragically broke after my recent shopping trip (there was a flat 35% sale on this really nice, expensive-ish local brand and we had to stay in the line for one and a half hour, nearly, just to be able to pay for our stuff. we stayed there till past midnight. it was my first real sale experience and it was absolutely crazy. so many people. so much drama. so much pressure to choose the right clothes. )
any ways, here, in this collage that I've compiled, are pictures of clothes that I think are amazing, and wonderful.
1. My mom got be a bright white and pink peplum top similar to this one on the top left, and I LOVE IT IT'S SO CUTE.
2. Embroidered shirts ALL THE WAY.
3.floral off the shoulder tops are literally so cute, I love them. this particular one has nice, peachy shades to match my heart.
4. open/wide trousers/palazzo pants/flappers are the it thing these days, and neutral shades go with everything.
 this baby kind of color is perfect for work, whie this red ruffle top is so beautiful and flowy, great for parties, dinners, or anything really. wear it to the grocery store if you like.
6. button down? check. lovely pastel shade? check. BOW? CHECK. I'LL HAVE TEN OF THESE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

so I know I don't post about fashion, but since now is the time when I've really started getting into my blogging mojo, I want to experiment with different types of posts, and see which ones I ike to talk about/ write about the best. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

QUESTION: what are your summer clothing essentials? favorite piece of clothing? something from your wishlist? please share, I would love to know!

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