Book Character Names We've Mispronounced (doesn't actually include Hermione can you believe it)

Let's be real here. We've all done it.

Between endless authors trying to make sure THEIR book characters stay 'unique' and 'unforgettable', I've come across many different, odd character names. This is especially true of fantasy novels. So today, friends, I will share with you a list of the character names that I've mispronounced.

1. Lucien
From The Mortal Instruments series as well as A Court of Thorns and Roses.
You wanna know how I said his name inside my head? Well, this is how:
The real pronunciation is this:
LOO-sian (with a weird, silent-but-not-really sort of n at the end)

So. Um. Moving on.

2. Feyre
alright, so I pronounced her name like :Fire-h
cool, I know.
But the actual pronunciation is 'Fay-Ruh' but whatevs

3. Next we have
Rhysand from ACOTAR. Jeez. I know, too many from just thus one book, but what can I say,  fantasy novels just have allllll the weird names.

I pronounced his name like 'rhice-and' (how you say 'rice but with a little but of an 'h' after r.)
But the real pronunciation is this:

Easy, right? *rolls eyes*

4. Greek names. Allll the Greek god names. Ufff.

Okay so Hades.
I kind of just pronounced it like 'haids'( think braids with an h'

But the actual way, I've come to know, is actually this: 'haid-eez'
Like??? I don't??

Then we have another Greek god, Poseidon. Apparently the god of the sea. That's kind of how I pronounced his name too.
'Po-sea- done'
And the real right way to pronounce it is actually

6. Now, Hera.
I just kind of do it like this: Hera.

Lol. But you're apparently supposed to say it like 'hai-rah' or something, I don't really care because I don't like her at all from the Percy Jackson books, so.

7. Next we have Zues.

How. Does. One. Pronounce. Greek. Names. If. They. All. Just. Are. So. Different. From. Their. Spellings.

I just kinda went like 'zee-usss'
But its actually 'zoos' hahaha no.

how do u even Greek

8. There was also Hades' wife, Persephone, right?
Watch me as I ruin this name right in front of your eyes.
'Purse-seh-phone' is how I said it. As in, a purse, a say, and a phone. Genius, truly.
And the real way is actually this: 'pur-se-fuh-nay'

Next we have Achilles. Who is. A hero? I think?
I pronounced the name like 'A-Chaialz'
Which is so different from the actual pronunciation I can't. It's 'A-chillies.'
Just. How.

10. Number ten we have Valentine from TMI. You're supposed to say his name like you say Valentine's Day, but of course I had to be me and do something different. So. Ehem.
'Valenteen'  ladies and gentlemen. Valenteen.

That's all I've really been able to recall. There's more, I'm sure, to come, so keep your eyes open, and if you have any unpronounceable fantasy name then please, feel free to share.

Now I must make my leave. Goodbye, frens.

*much drop*

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