pictures from a past life, a past self // IN WHICH I SHOW YOU PICTURES OF MY DIARY

okay, so here's a story: once, there lived a girl, nicknamed Deeja, and she made an account on wattpad. from there stemmed her love for writing and connecting with people, and she began keeping a journal, filled with plot bunnies, thoughts, ideas, whether they be in the form of a diagram or web or a paragraph. this girl was like 12 at the time, and her mind was overflowing with these thoughts that for her were brand new, but she later discovered (or realized, really) that they were an amalgamation of the shitty stories she had read on wattpad and some random things on her mind. she started writing for a little bit, then abandoned the prospect in favor of not failing all her classes.

so the journals remained there, gathering dust, in her UNICEF bag from that one event that she got to attend. of course, the bag happened when she was 14, so before that the journals were kept in the most secret parts of her bag in the upstairs room, open only for her. (the journal, not the room). 

fast forward to the a few weeks ago, when i decided to open up my journals and this is what i discovered: pages and pages of story planning. a couple of ideas from these journals are still brewing in my mind, still forming, while some I've abandoned because i truly don't like them or agree with them anymore. plus, they were vv unoriginal, so no thank you!
anyways guys, here are the pictures from my 'writing journal'. you get to take a look at my budding phase as a writer, oh, lucky you. 
this poem, i think it was about life or exams-i can't remember.


woo look at me maa, no hands!

the amount of pages I used to outline this story. it was a fanfic/werewolf hybrid. *shudders* the first page shows options I had for titles. ughh hy past me whyy
we all start somewhere, right? that's what my Accounts teacher says, anyway

So there you have it, folks. Me and my old, messy, messy words. 10 points for anyone who can actually make out what I wrote. Write down something that you understood from these pages! 
until next time,

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