While authors do a pretty good job (read; AMAZING job) of making sure that we get what we need in a story, like Maggie Stiefvater with the Raven Cycle,  telling us what we need to know about our favorite characters to understand who they are and to be able to relate to them, often times we don't get the whole picture of their lives.
Why are they the way they are? When did they first meet their best friend? Were they always the 'mysterious, dark and handsome' guy or is this just a persona that's come on recently? There are tons of questions that we have about our favorite book characters, and we often don't get answers to them, because they don't technically contribute to the actual plot of the story. (doesn't mean we have to stop thinking about them and making up headcannons to satisfy our needs-- i still wonder about the marauders and how they became best friends, what was Sirius' and Regulus' relationship really like, and I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT JILY DANGIT!).

So today, I am going to share with you a list of characters whose back stories have nagged me and interested me and driven me to the dark depths of tumblr fanfic and headcannons.


GOSH I LOVE JILY SO MUCH IT'S RIDICULOUS. I mean there was only ONE scene with young Jily in all the seven books of Harry Potter and ofcourse it had to be so cute that I would want an entire book series about these two fluffballs of love like goodness gracious for the love of all that is holy someone gimme mORE JILY PLS


This goes without saying that where there is James, there must be Sirius, and Remus, and sadly, Peter. But honestly I just want to know what kind of home life Sirius had growing up, like, get a glimpse into his mind. I'd love to know about his and James' chuldhood pranks, his and Regulus' relationship,and even an entire book about his Animagus (becoming one, finding out about Lupin, all of that) and about his love life!!!! And I would LOVE to see Lily interacting with the marauders like why did Rowling have to release The Cursed Child why not a prequel????

3. Gansey From The Raven Cycle

Okay, I know, I mean we know MOST of his story that's relevant but, like, how did he first meet Ronan? I want full detailed scenes and I want to know about his anxiety and how he coped with it and please tell me he got professional help. I want to know about the time he ran away from home, and I mean obviously this kid has traveled THE WORLD practically why don't we get more of his fun Gansey-ventures.

4.Declan Lynch From The Raven Cycle

I don't know man, he's such an under-rated character but I just?? love him??? like what was it like when he found out about his father's ability, what was it like to have a little brother who did the same thing, to be the one in the family who can't? I want to know about the times when their dad was alive and him and Ronan had a sOMEWHAT better relationship.


Okay. like, I know the entire book is tHEM, basically but I want to know about their relationship. when and how did they meet? Fall in love? say ily for the first time? first date? ezra meeting kady's scientist mom? ezra being a jock and kady being the hacker and their lives and their cute lovey-dovey relationship??  HER PINK HAIR AND THE STORY OF HOW SHE DYED IT??I WANT!!


Okay I love The Shades of Magic series so much it is unreal. And I read somewhere that Victoria Schwab signed a 1 million dollar book deal to write another series with Kell and Lila and the rest of the cast. SO I AM ONE VERY HAPPY CAMPER.
If you've read this series (if not

  • why)
you'll have seen that we don't know about Kell's real biological parents and that whole backstory and I want to know very very badly. 
As for Lila she is so badass and powerful and wonderful, but only a tough life could have sharpened her into the knife that she ends up being, and I want to know more about that. About her childhood, the eye thing, and everything in between too.

7. RHYS from Shades of Magic

I just really love this series, okay? SIGH I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT MY FAVORITE PRINCE SMOL SINNAMON BUN IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR. I want to find out about his relationships and EVERYYTHANG.

So there you have it folks. A list of characters whom I love so much that I want to know more of their backstories. Which ones can you relate to? (If you can't, that's fine too)
Which characters have you read about whose stories you want to know?


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